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06/23/17 - Release Day!

Today is the day, and Local Divide is here. This is my first solo album since 2008, and to be honest I am a bit nervous about it. The past 8 years with The Okay Win were amazing and I had become comforted by being in a group, so to do something on my own again is a bit intimidating. I am very proud of this album though, and eager for you all to hear it. When I went into the studio my ultimate goal was to make something raw and to the point, which is why we made it in pretty much 1 day. Everything, aside from bass, was tracked live, and it felt good to just capture that moment. While we did that all very quickly though, this album still feels like a long time coming. I sat on these songs and fine tuned them more than I ever have in the past, and most of this was originally intended to be the next band record. Once I decided to end The Okay Win though, I knew I wanted to just get in and make something now. Local Divide is the end result. 

It's a record about the physical and metaphorical divides you might experience in your life. It's about your place within your community, family, friends, and yourself. I tried to be a bit more straight forward with my lyrics, opting to write about specific moments instead of masking them in metaphors. It feels like the most exposed I've ever been, but I've found that putting ones self outside of their comfort zone is often times the best thing that can be done to promote growth. 

You can order a physical copy of the album at the merch link above, or you can download it via Itunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp. Also, if you're into streaming, which I'm assuming is the case, you can find it on all major services including Spotify, Tidal, and Youtube.

The release show is next Sunday 7/2 at The Lily Pad in Inman Square (Cambridge, MA). I hope you'll join me. Thanks for your support. It means the world.


06/04/17 - 19 Days Away

We are just 19 days away from the release of Local Divide! I'm getting more excited each day to share this album with you. Over the coming weeks I will be staying as active as I can with some in-studio radio performances and any other way I can. Be sure to follow me on instagram at _stephenmacdonald where I'll be posting some live clips, daily happenings, and more teasers. 

Also, the very first article/interview that I've done for the record (and about post Okay Win life) can be found over at Bishop and Rook. Check it out at the link below and thanks to Kristin for the support!



5/23/17 - Welcome!

I've never been too good at keeping a consistent online presence, especially in terms of an actual website, but I am trying to change that starting with this. Thank you for visiting! This is where you'll be able to find the latest news regarding my music and whatever else I feel inclined to share. I have some ideas. 

For now, my main focus is my new album entitled "Local Divide", which will be coming out in exactly one month, on June 23rd. Don't forget that the release show is on Sunday July 2nd at The Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA. Tickets are on sale now and can be found at the tour link above.

So, since we are one month away, I think it's time for a couple things. First, you can now pre-order the album for the first time! Head over to my merch page and grab a CD while they last. Secondly, if you've been following my social media than you've heard little clips, but I'm excited to debut, in full, the song "Basic". It's a personal song for my cousin Craig, and the first time I've ever sworn on a recording. Please check it out below.


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Local Divide

by Stephen MacDonald
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    Stephen MacDonald